Commonly Asked Questions 

1.  Can I have a private location?

A:  There are no private beaches on South Padre Island.  There will be people on the beach during your wedding.  We can't rope off an area for you.  The permit only lets the city know that we are at that location.  They could issue a permit to another wedding party at that same location.  We have to put the wedding 60 feet from the waters edge to leave room for emergency vehicles.

2.  Should I wear a veil?

A:  It is always windy here.  Certain veils do not do well.  Veil often blow in your face and even blow off your head.  

3.  Which month is the best month to get married?

A.    December, January and February can be cold, windy and drizzly rain.  It could also be sunny and 80 degrees.  Those are very risky months.

March can also have cold fronts blow in and the middle two weeks is Spring Break and not a good time to come to the island as prices are very high, traffic bad and lots or college kids here.  It can be done but I would recommend a wedding in the morning before 10 a.m.

April and May are good months as it is still off season prices and not too hot.  They are our 2 of our windest months though.

June, July and August are months with the most to do on the island.  It is hot but always with an ocean breeze.  It rarely rains during these months but the beaches are full of people.  Sunrise weddings during this time  offer empty beaches and beautiful weddings.

September is what I consider our rainy month.  Weather is unpredictable so it could be perfect.  

October and November are great months.  It's not too hot, it's off season prices and beautiful skies.  Some years we get whats called Red Tide that comes in October which is not good if planning an outdoor wedding.

4. How quickly can you plan a wedding?

A. I have a great team and we can put your wedding together in just a few days. If you have your marriage license we can do the day that you call.

5. Do the packages include the reception?

A: The only package I have that inclues dinner is the Sailboat Package. If you want something different I will listen to what you are wanting for your reception and make receommendations. I do not book the venue or the food. I can send

a DJ, Phootbooth, coordinator, cake, flowers etc...

6.  Do you offer bilingual offciants?

A:  I do offer ceremonies in English, Spanish and Bilingual.  I have male and female officiants.

7.  Is my date available?

A:  I do more than one wedding on a given date.  I don't put two weddings with a set up at the same location.  I have several officaints, photographers and assistants that I work with.  I will be able to do the date you are requesting most      likely.

8.  How should I wear my hair?

A:  I would wear your hair up.  It is always windy here.