Eternally Yours $695.00

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Eternally Yours

Sample Package #3  Recommended for 10 people or less because there is no one that will be at the wedding to help make sure the wedding goes smoothly.  There is no sound provided in this package which is highly recommended for weddings with more than 15 people because of the noice from the wind and waves.  Having someone at the wedding is a choice you can make if you would like to customize a package.


  • Officiant and recording of license (You will need to bring your marriage license with you.  You must have it at least 72 hours prior to the ceremony but no more than 90 days from the state of Texas) tip appreciated
  • Location and permit (tbd)
  • Garden square archway, round archway, heart shaped archway or heart in the sand with greenery (Bamboo archway add $50)
  • Sand ceremony (With keepsake container/ You can use sand from the beach or colored sand and include children if needed)
  • 1 Hour photography (unedited on sd card..typically 400+ pictures)
  • Free premarital book mailed to you upon booking (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts or Saving your Second Marriage Before It Starts)

Total:  $695.00


* I can also add flowers, chairs, day of service, sound and/or hair and make-up etc....  Call me for details.  (956)433-9448.  Customizing is my specialty.  


Please see more pictures and reviews on my facebook page. (link to the left and upper right hand corner)

In order to book I require a $200.00 non-refundable deposit that does go towards your total.  Six weeks before the wedding 1/2 is due.  This payment is non-refundable.  The final payment is due the day before the wedding.  I do not take a personal check for the final payment.  I will cover the initial pay pal fees on your deposit.  If you choose to make further payments through pay pal you will be responsible for the fees charged.  Call today to book your eternally yours wedding package (956)433-9448.